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Don’t just see Albania, experience Albania. Let us remove the hassle out of traveling and let us create those special moments for you and your family. 

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At The Albania Travel Company we offer luxury tours and travel arrangements for Albania. We have been establish for just over 9 years now and in that time we have learnt a thing or two about travel!

We are a team of passionate and friendly tour guides that can take you to the hidden gems of Albania. We can assist you in every aspect of travel, whether it be a singular day tour, a week long tour or help on a movie set, we have you covered.

It is how goal to show you the real Albania, our rich history and customs. We don’t just want you to see Albania we want you to experience Albania.

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Tours we offer

On the 11 day tour of Albania you will experience the culture and scenery of this incredible country. Starting in Tirana the capital city of Albania.
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11 Day Tour of Albania

From €1350

In this adventure, you will travel to all the beautiful spots of Albania:
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7 Day Tour of Albania

From €800

A castle tour of Albania is a unique and extraordinary experience. The country is dotted with fairy tale castles, many dating back to the 12th century, when the nation was under Byzantine rule.
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Castles Tour

From €700

Experience the rich culture of Albania through an authentic taste of the cuisine.
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Culinary Tour

From €700

Tour of lakes in Albania, Shkodra’s lake, Lura lakes, Ohri’s lake, Butrinti lake and Farka lake.
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Lake Tour of Albania

From €600

The historical tour of Albania takes you on a journey through the history and culture of this ancient country, which has been inhabited since the dawn of civilization. You’ll start your trip in the capital city of Tirana.
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Historical Tour of Albania

From €600

You will spend 3 days in the beaches of Vlora and then the other 3 days in Saranda. These places have stunning beaches and you get to go to beaches that rarely get visited by tourists! You will have the opportunity to take photos that will make all your family and friends incredibly jealous!
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Southern Beaches Tour

From €540

From the proud and mountainous nation of Albania, this epic journey immerses you into a world of stunning landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Journey along twisting mountain roads through verdant valleys and deep gorges full of colorful rock formations.
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Rivers of Albania

From €700

Experience the breathtaking scenery, diverse wine growing culture, and rich history of the of Albania. On this wine tour  you will visit five wineries and sample some of the best boutique wines in the world.
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Wine Tour

From €550

Customer reviews

The service was top notch. I got to see parts of Albania that I would never have been able to see by myself. I would highly recommend The Albania Travel Company again!
We actually hired The Albanian Travel Company for our filming production in Albania. I can not thank this company enough! They made all our staff feel welcome and solved any problem we had.
Above and beyond expectations, we had our own private guide that showed us the most incredible places of Albania. The price was good and the service was great. Thank you so much for making this holiday so magical!


contact us and book the tour of your dreams

Don’t just see Albania, experience Albania. Let us remove the hassle out of traveling and let us create those special moments for you and your family.  


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